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Letter: Don’t pave the road to Berlaimont

I have owned a home in Fulford for close to 40 years. Approximately 12 miles is dirt road, the other 38 is I-70 and Brush Creek road. So about the 12 miles of dirt road that I have driven some 800-1200 times over the years — it is always a pleasure, for the most part.

Yes, you have to go slow, but this allows you to capture the beauty of your surroundings. The best view is when you pass by a living animal that is still living and not roadkill. Many of us in Fulford have made this this trip and I don’t know of any owner in town that wishes the road was paved.

I have always trusted the Forest Service to represent the public interest. Please do not fail us on this issue. Here is a solution that will make everybody happy: Figure out the cost of asphalt for the road to Berlaimont, put this amount into an escrow account to be used for blading the road as the owners deem necessary going forward. Smooth road, no asphalt.

Packy Walker


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