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Letter: Don’t poop in the pool

Are you wondering why our valley may not feel as welcoming or happy as in years past? If so, either as a local or a visitor, perhaps I can offer one explanation.

Let me use the analogy of “pooping in a pool.” When you go to a swimming pool, one naturally takes care not to soil or spoil the enjoyment of others by peeing in the pool. The rule may not be posted, but it is a huge health issue and when it happens, the pool must be drained, cleaned, sterilized and refilled before anyone can get back in it. 

In this valley and state, we have a mask mandate; it is posted everywhere. Like not pooping in the pool, it is a health issue, and it is also the law. When I pass you in the village or on a trail (I wear a mask), you are flagrantly disregarding we who live and work here and showing no respect for our health or the health of our friends and families. Whether you are visiting or live here, please honor and respect those of us who call this our home. Wear a mask, keep your distance, show that you care beyond yourselves …. and I won’t come to your house and poop in your pool.

Juli Watson


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