Letter: Don’t say gay? More like transparency in education

Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite admires Gov. Jared Polis for suggesting that Disney World relocate to Colorado, given the controversy in Florida about a law the left calls Don’t Say Gay. The Disney organization has voiced opposition to that law.

Of course, the bill doesn’t deal with saying “gay” — but it’s a catchy term and that is what counts with the lefties. What the Florida law does is prohibit discussing sex, gender identity and related issues with kids in the kindergarten through third grade level. Florida is not the only place where the issue has come up. In the news are accounts of controversies about this in places like New Jersey, which is considering quite different legislation on the subject.

Related to this is the issue of transparency in education. It appears that some school establishments believe there are things that can go on with kids that should be kept secret from their parents. Sex-related questions are a common area where this comes up.

It would be interesting to hear what our local schools might be doing in this regard.

And then there is the issue of one-sided advocacy. Will there be opportunities for presenting the non-left point of view? The Eagle County School District used to have a rule that when controversial subjects are going to be presented, there needs to be an opportunity for the other side to present its views. I don’t know if this rule is still in place. I wonder how many other school districts have such standards.

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Thistlethwaite goes on to criticize Florida’s governor for being a dictator. He has friendly majorities in both houses of his legislature. I wonder how Thistlethwaite would characterize our own governor, who also enjoys Democrat majorities in both houses. And other states like New York, New Jersey and California. Plus the federal government, where President Biden has majorities in the House and Senate.

Terry Quinn


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