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Letter: Don’t shutter store at Eagle visitor center

I have heard rumors that the Town of Eagle is thinking of shutting the store at the visitor center. I am appalled. That is the place I go first when I want to buy locally-made crafts that I cannot buy anywhere else in the area. They have a whole room full of Colorado items. 

This is the place where visitors driving through get a taste of Eagle. 

They have had fewer customers since the truck rest stop was taken away, but they are recovering. Eagle should give them a year to recuperate. I hope I am wrong, but it seems the town of Eagle government wants them to fail. There is no sign on the highway that says “Visitor Center and gift shop.” How can it be successful if no one knows it is there?

Again, the visitor center does not compete with local businesses. With a little more support from the town of Eagle, they could pay their way. If the gift shop closes, there will be fewer visitors to the museum. I have heard the employees, when ringing up a purchase, make an effort to tell visitors about the museum. I took my sister-in-law from Fairbanks, Alaska, there and she was fascinated. If you have never been to that little museum, you’ve missed a lot of history of the area. (Closed until next spring — no heat.)

Come on, residents of Eagle County, go down the road toward the fairgrounds and stop at the visitor center. You may be surprised.

Katherine Delanoy


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