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Letter: Don’t sign the Avon recall petition

Michael Cacioppo and Tom Ruemmler are once again damaging our community with their effort to recall Sarah Smith Hymes, Amy Phillips and Tamra Nottingham Underwood from the Avon Town Council.  While Cacioppo and Ruemmler claim to value fiscal responsibility, they have no problem wasting community resources with their various crusades, like this senseless and costly recall election.

Cacioppo is already notorious for his lawsuit against the school district, as well as his tedious tirades against grave threats to our Democracy like the plastic bag ban and mask mandate. These combative men make our community less cordial and make public service in the valley so much more unpleasant than it has to be. 

I have worked with and observed many Avon Town Councilmembers.  Sarah, Amy and Tamra are three of the best Town Councilmembers Avon has ever had. They are intelligent, conscientious, and altruistic. They are focused on finding solutions to the real challenges currently faced by our community such as:

  • How do we help our residents and businesses survive COVID-19?
  • How can we put home ownership within reach of more people who want to call Avon home?
  • How can we enhance the resident and visitor experience in Avon to ensure a vibrant, sustainable economy?

It would be a huge mistake to recall these stellar women and replace them with ill-equipped cronies of Cacioppo, Ruemmler and the recall committee.   I urge all Avon citizens not to sign the recall petition.

Kristi Ferraro


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