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Letter: Don’t support the Avon recall

It is disappointing to learn that a small group of Avon residents is trying to recall the women on the Avon Town Council.  I have been told you do not need a reason to recall an elected official but that seems undemocratic to me. Every Avon councilmember takes an oath of office. Violations of that oath should be taken seriously.  There is no evidence any councilmember has violated her oath.

Local elected officials sacrifice a significant amount of time from their families and careers to serve our community. Without this dedication, local governments like Avon’s cannot function. Avon’s ability to attract smart, qualified candidates will be affected by this abuse of the recall mechanism.
The recall will cost Avon taxpayers. Is this financial commitment justified during these unprecedented times? I think there are other uses of these funds, as well as the significant time and energy being spent, that should be used to help our community.

It is unthinkable that a small group could insist on something that is taking an enormous toll on our town. This recall is unnecessary and should not be supported. Thank you.

Trudy Matarese


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