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Letter: Don’t turn Edwards into Disney World

The Edwards RiverPark developer is asking our county commissioners to blatantly ignore the 2017 Edwards Area Community Plan and Eagle County land use regulations and approve a 540-unit development.

If this land was economically viable to develop in accordance with the EACP, it would have likely been purchased by a local developer. Instead, this developer from Denver purchased the land and apparently did not do the research, due diligence, or an economic feasibility study based on the EACP goals.

Edwards RiverPark is not in substantial conformance with the EACP which state clear goals for Edwards in terms of sustainable traffic, workforce housing, resource protection of wildlife habitat, and limiting the adverse impact on adjacent properties of light and noise pollution. It also lacks a safe pedestrian connection with the Edwards core and is not compatible with surrounding land uses.

Specifically, during the Oct. 7 Eagle County Planning Commission meeting, comments were:

Leah Mayer: “It has got to be a lower density. A much more reasonable density or else it does not comply with that efficient spatial pattern.”

Robert Warner: “This is not compliant with the Edwards Plan.”

Tim Carpenter: “I think this is a stretch to say that it is in conformance with the Edwards plan.”

Vern Brock: “It kinda looks like some of the stuff you see going into Disney World. It is dense, it’s tall, and has sharp lines to it.”

Although the planning commissioners recognized the above shortcomings, and the majority of the Edwards public comments submitted to the planning commissioner opposed this development, the planning commission approved it 4 to 2. Citizens should ask why?

It is imperative that the Eagle County Commissioners deny the Edwards RiverPark application and have the applicant develop a new plan to present the Eagle County Commissioners, which incorporates the goals of Eagle County and the EACP with limited density and maximum building height to 35-45 feet.

It is not our community’s responsibility to approve non-conforming projects so a developer can profit.

Speak up now, Eagle County citizens.

Write to the Eagle County Commissioners at morgan.landers@eaglecounty.us.

Joanna Kerwin


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