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Letter: Don’t use politically motivated crime stats

I am writing in response to your citation of “Gunfire on School Grounds in the United States” by the organization Everytown, a 501(c)(4) funded by recent Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, in the article “Our View: No foul moving noon ball game.”

The study’s findings have been debunked by reputable news outlets such as the New York Times and respected institutions of higher learning such as Northeastern University. Corporations like Everytown twist statistics in order to promote fear as a way to advance political goals. While the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are indeed afforded the right to speech, newspapers do not have the obligation to promote that speech. In the future, when you have to cite crime statistics, please use a more neutral source such as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting instead of a politically motivated one that happens to fit your narrative.

Seth Levy


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