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Letter: Don’t vote for me

Well, it is that time of year where I have to remind people not to write my name on any of your ballots. Once again, no one gave me any money to run for anything, so by putting my name under any open slot will be wasting your vote. 

You wouldn’t want to vote for me anyway. I wouldn’t introduce wolves to Colorado, I would bring in wombats. Would you rather be walking to Missouri Lakes and say “oh, look at the wombat,” or “look at the little wolf cub, I wonder where it’s mom … ahhh it clawed me!!!” 

And as for the gambling in Colorado, why should one part of the state have all the fun? Wouldn’t it be great if we allowed gambling here in Vail? Here’s the scenario — you just got a text about a winter storm coming. You rush to your bookie and put a $20 on I-70 closure — $10 on the time, $5 on the direction, and $5 for the length of the closure.  Come on, that is fun right there. 

Oh, then there is Prop 115 on abortions. Nope, not going there. But really people, if you want a politician that will never lie, I am your guy.  I will tell you when and how much illegal money I am taking. I will flip-flop on my beliefs for just a sticky toffee pudding from Sweet Basil. But the best part is because my name is not on the ballot this year, you can send me your money, and I promise that I will only spend most of it on vacations. The other part will go to golf lessons and wombat combat training.

Mike Spaid


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