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Letter: Dotsero mine proposal only benefits landowner

As a resident of Gypsum, I was pleased to see the awareness brought to the mine proposal in Dotsero. With COVID-19 contributing to the overwhelming concerns of our community right now, it’s no wonder that many people have not had the bandwidth to see, let alone act, on a proposed mine moving into their community again.

Contrary to the applicant’s assertion, this gravel mine will become a visible scar on our landscape and is not aligned with the vision for the community reflected in the 2012 Dotsero Community Plan. Specifically, it doesn’t meet a “viable public need” and has no “public benefit.” The DCP states to avoid “certain land uses in the Dotsero area [that] diminish the quality of public viewsheds, and detract from the character and identity of the area” on page 25.

This project only benefits the landowner; it conflicts with the Dotsero Community Plan; Eagle County’s recreation plan; and it does not meet a community need for gravel at this time. There are two other gravel pits in nearby Gypsum, plus the Hidden Valley mine a few miles north of Dotsero. These mines will provide 40 more years of gravel from better-suited locations in our valley that are already zoned for the industry.

This gravel pit would impact the residents of Dotsero, Gypsum, and visitors to the beautiful Upper Colorado Recreation Area, who are important members of our community. We do not deserve to see this river confluence aesthetically depreciated; trucks, dust, noise, wildlife impacts and property values threatened.

Planning commissioners, please do not approve an exemption to the Dotsero Community Plan to allow for this heavy industry proposal. Please honor the citizens’ plan for the community, which allows only for “light industry,” and promotes outdoor recreation businesses and preservation of the natural habitat.

Janette Adrian


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