Letter: Dylan Roberts is serious about protecting us from wildfires

Since the beginning of 2022, about 3 million acres across the United States — roughly an area the size of Connecticut — have been burned by wildfires. As the days get longer and hotter, we know from recent years that this is only going to get worse on the Western Slope and thousands of acres of our land are in imminent danger. Our homes, our farmland, our natural resources and our families are all at heightened risk for the next few months, and it is irrefutable that this will end any time soon without intervention.

As Western Coloradans, we need to act now to preserve our beautiful piece of the state. Now more than ever, it is even more important that we elect officials who can preserve and protect our interests and our families at the Capitol. State Rep. Dylan Roberts is a homegrown Western Coloradan with an understanding of just how much our land and our safety mean to us.

Through legislation like the Wildfire Mitigation and Recovery initiative and the Wildfire Camera Pilot Program, Roberts has proven that he is serious about fighting wildfires from every angle — including preventative measures and climate change intervention. This is undoubtedly a problem that will only get worse if we do nothing. Roberts has a real vision for a future where our lands are safe from fires and droughts. 

We need to fight wildfires at home with fire at the Capitol, which is why electing leaders like Rep. Dylan Roberts to State Senate District 8 is imperative for the safety of our lands, our livelihoods, and our families.

Jennifer Prusse

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