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Letter: Eagle airport parking is a disgrace

Eagle airport parking is a disgrace

For those of us who park at Eagle airport regularly, it is a disgrace that they are intentionally providing fewer free, long-term parking options while the jet center is repaved.

I fly quite a bit from the valley and find it interesting that while the private jet center (which I do not use) gets upgraded, the construction crew has closed one of the two free, long-term parking lots. This means that there is very limited space available, which forces locals to use the paid parking options when the free lot is full, which happens quite a bit.

At the very least, the airport should have provided additional temporary, free, long-term parking in the current paid long-term parking lot to accommodate locals during the construction phase. It seems that this is unethical to remove free parking in order to squeeze more fees from locals to subsidize the repaving for the private jet center tarmac.

Eagle airport should be ashamed of itself for continuing this practice, and it should be stopped immediately, or at the very least, the airport should provide more temporary free, long-term parking.

Darren Brennan


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