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Letter: Eagle County fails on reopening

Eagle County has been easing restrictions enacted to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus for a little over a week now and it has been growing increasingly clear that there is no cohesion to whatever plan was supposedly in place, no communication as to what guidelines were to be enacted, and no direction as to which restrictions were to be enforced. 

There should be little surprise in this: Eagle County’s “guidelines” were taken directly from those promulgated by the American Enterprise Institute, the Koch-funded cabal whose sole purpose is enriching its sponsors and whose utter lack of concern for the health and safety of the American People is well-documented.

In Eagle County, the lack of clarity has resulted in the ignoring of face coverings and blatant disregard for social distancing, and irregular enforcement has led to the closure of some properly spaced restaurant terraces while others have been allowed to pop up in spaces where they didn’t exist previously. All of this might be considered tomfoolery if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Having performed admirably in the beginning of this crisis, our elected and government officials are failing utterly on the gradual reopening of Eagle County. Lest we forget, the point of all of this is to save lives, not to placate people who’ve decided they’re bored or to allow the for-profit hospital industry to resume elective surgeries.

Now that there is now compelling evidence that COVID-19 is affecting children and young adults as well as older people and the immune-compromised, as well as becoming more virulent, we should be redoubling our efforts to protect our community.

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The purpose of leadership is to provide clarity in a time of crisis. Sadly, the direction in which Eagle County is being led, with its haphazard implementation of “guidelines” purposefully skewed against health and safety, will not only cost lives but also fail entirely to ameliorate the economic crisis. 

Jonathan Staufer


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