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Letter: Eagle needs to pump brakes on development

I have lived in Eagle for 26 years. Because of this, I know a lot of people as friends, clients, and lots of acquaintances. Virtually all of the people I talk with have serious concerns about the quality of their life in this wonderful town we call home. The No. 1 concern they all mention is the problem with the existing traffic and their fears of adding another 2,100 more units to our community, resulting in even greater gridlock at 8 in the morning and 5 in the evening. 

As Patrick Tvarkunas stated in his letter to the editor on April 4, “Don’t we choose to live here to avoid big city problems? Indeed it is the hallmark of “smart” growth to avoid these pitfalls by being prepared for the problems that growth creates. If public officials ignore the clear indicators of where we are heading (rush hour), then they are not looking out for the long-term health and prosperity of the people who sacrifice to call this amazing place home.”

No matter how many roundabouts or bypasses you put in, we still have a bottleneck at Highway 6 and the Eby Creek roundabout. Would the town of Eagle or CDOT expand our roundabouts to deal with all the ensuing traffic generated from 2,100 more units in Eagle plus 400 more units to be built at Buckhorn Valley and 581 units going in at Sienna Lake behind Costco AND all the airport traffic? I doubt it! Coming right off of the town’s website regarding Hockett Gulch alone, it states, “The site is anticipated to generate a total of 5,190 vehicles per day!” And, that’s only 500 units!

I am begging you, the Eagle Town Board and P&Z to step back, take a few big breaths and do not approve any more development until you have a complete, independent traffic study done so you can fully understand the impacts of this much development, both approved and not approved, to the town of Eagle. It’s just the right thing to do! And, besides, let’s not forget that residential does not pay its own way.

Annie Egan

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