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Letter: Eagle officials need to wake up

The Haymeadow developer is at it again. After being turned down in his efforts to acquire the town of Eagle’s site for a future school, the developer now wants to acquire 6.5 acres of the Town’s land which is designated as a future site for Mountain Recreation.

The developer is playing the “workforce housing” card and hopes that the town will blindly approve his proposal in return for “promising” to build a small percentage of units which will be affordable. The developer is proposing to trade an undeveloped 8-acre hay field for the town’s fully developed, shovel-ready site which, when zoned for apartments, is worth considerably more.

It is imperative that Eagle residents require that town officials do the right thing. The 8 acres that the developer is offering to trade is of absolutely no use to the Town’s residents or to Mountain Recreation. Therefore the town officials must give due consideration to the following options:

  • If a multifamily project is what is best for the town, then officials should sell the land to the highest bidder (not trade it for useless property). The proceeds of a sale could be given to Mountain Recreation instead of asking for a tax increase to pay for Mountain Recreation’s planned expansion.
  • If the town ultimately decides that an affordable workforce housing project is best for the site, then officials should take the lead in the development of the site and make sure that 100% of the units built on the site are affordable and deed-restricted. Don’t settle for a developer-owned project with only a few affordable units.

The town will be considering the developer’s proposal and the rezoning of the Town’s land at several meetings in September and October. Any Eagle town official who votes in favor of trading valuable town property for a useless hay field should be investigated. If the Town Council is foolish enough to take action to approve such a lopsided trade, Eagle residents should file for a referendum and possibly a recall of the irresponsible officials.

Gary Scanlon

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