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Letter: Eagle River Watershed Council volunteer opportunities

I’m writing to you about a positive experience I recently had helping the Eagle River Watershed Council and Eagle County with their Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space Riparian Planting project. The Eagle River Watershed Council has collaborated with Eagle County for this multiphase project with the goal of restoring native riparian vegetation and preventing future degradation. On Saturday, April 29, a group of employees and volunteers enjoyed being outside and working together to improve our environment by planting 18 cottonwoods and approximately 350 willow stakes along Brush Creek in Eagle.  

My four hours spent digging holes for the cottonwoods provided an excellent experience and introduced me to others within the community who share the common value of being stewards of the lands we love. As a community, we rely heavily on volunteers to make a difference by engaging in service projects.  While the goal of improving the ecological conditions is of crucial importance, community involvement also offers citizens a pathway to be more involved and contribute as responsible citizens to create a stronger sense of community.  I am extremely grateful for organizations like the Eagle River Watershed Council making such experiences accessible to the public — volunteering for the day served as a powerful reminder that I can do more within our community and getting involved is as simple as reaching out with the willingness to help.  

April 29 was phase two of the stream restoration project at the Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space. The initiative also includes pole-assisted log structures within the stream to encourage native species to return, such as beavers, and to restore conditions to a more natural state. The Eagle River Watershed Council’s website has more information on the project along with a link for easy registration for people looking to help enhance the riparian habitat. Anyone interested can use the link below to register to help on Saturday, Sept. 23, and Sunday, Sept. 24, with the construction of PALS in the area to further the multiphase restoration project in the Brush Creek Ranch and Open Space.

For more information, visit https://erwc.org/event/bcvros/

Mike Box

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