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Letter: Eagle-Vail is better together; I’m voting against the current proposed budget

Dear Eagle-Vail: Thank you for keeping me safe no matter what. Thank you for letting me grow up with you. Thank for your helping me make friends especially because I used to be very shy. Thank you for the parks, ponds and the streets to play in. Thank you for not letting me get too hurt when I fall. Thank you for letting me ride my bike to the gas station to get a really good snack. Thank you for keeping everyone in Eagle-Vail safe and healthy. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

One of my children (who wishes to be anonymous) wrote this piece in their writing journal for school. When I read it, it made my heart smile. I thought about why my husband and I chose Eagle-Vail in which to reside and raise our family. We chose Eagle-Vail because we felt it was a true neighborhood.

We were also thinking long term and felt that being located between two world-class ski resorts, our home would be a nice retirement investment. We have been happy with our decision and have been happy with the direction Eagle-Vail has been moving.

Consider the progress: Eagle-Vail hired a community manager to represent our community with Eagle County government and other local stakeholders such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Eagle-Vail Business Center. In turn, the community has expanded and improved trails and the golf course, added new pool facilities and updated community signage and hosts awesome, family-friendly community events. It’s a place where neighbors say hello, wave and notice one another.

Sadly, over the past couple of years, there has been a negative fog settling over Eagle-Vail. The current Property Owners Association board led by Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Judd Watts has made it their selfish priority to make hasty decisions regarding Property Owners Association finances. They are so busy patting themselves on the back about saving us $100 in Property Owners Association annual dues that they do not hear what we, the greater community, are saying.

We are saying: We don’t want to receive fewer community compliance patrols (four days to two per new contract). We don’t want fewer community events. (Planning events is not included in the new management contract. This will be an extra cost.) We don’t want less communication from the Property Owners Association. (Per new contract, monthly. We have been getting weekly updates.)

We do want collaboration with the Metro District to keep Eagle-Vail amenities top tier and keep our property values going in the right direction. We are willing to pay more dues (as evidenced by the recent community survey).

I, like all of you, put my faith in elected officials to serve the entire community, not a select few. I believe Eagle-Vail is better together. I will be voting for open-minded, fiscally responsible Property Owners Association candidates who will keep the better good of the community in mind while making budget decisions. I’m casting my vote for Lance Richards, Dan Ramker and Joanna Hopkins. I will be voting against the current proposed budget! Thank you!

Michelle Courtney


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