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Letter: Eagle-Vail officials are tearing community apart; it’s time to start working together

Eagle-Vail officials are tearing community apart

Dear editor: Our little community of Eagle-Vail is at a crossroads.

Eagle-Vail has significant challenges (primarily capital reserve funding for infrastructure), yet remains one of the very best communities in Eagle County due to our location smack dab between Vail and Beaver Creek and due to the community leadership displayed over the past 10 years by the Property Owners Association and the Eagle-Vail Metro District to collaborate and jointly govern the community.

Joint governance, as recommended by the Urban Land Institute, was designed to move Eagle-Vail forward and to provide more transparent, streamlined and pragmatic governance to the community. Unfortunately, we have been hijacked in recent years by a lack of pragmatism and a move toward tea party-style dogmatic viewpoints.

This is evident through the disrespect shown by elected leaders toward each other and to members of the community at board meetings, the inexplicable financial decision to reimburse mileage expenses to board members to visit their second homes and a general disregard for the majority of the community who have expressed that they are willing to pay higher dues for increased services.

The undersigned represent 35 years of board service on the Property Owners Association and Metro boards. It is with this foundation of community service that we believe that the current Property Owners Association is trying to strangle the Eagle-Vail Metro District, and we believe that the community is better when the two boards work together in a collaborative (not divisive) manner. The current members up for re-election have painted a picture that nothing good is happening in this community and are working to tear Eagle-Vail apart piece by piece.

We encourage you to vote for Dan Ramker, Lance Richards and Joanna Hopkins for the Eagle-Vail Property Owners Association board of directors.

Tracy Walters, Stephen Kirchner, Louise Funk, Erik Williams, Chris Romer, Betsy Laughlin and Mark Miscio


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