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Letter: East Vail parcel isn’t solution to housing crunch

Ginny Culp’s letter in the June 15 edition of the Vail Daily was on point in everything she wrote. This parcel is getting a lot of attention, especially from the rapacious employee housing town council and staff. Sure, we need more employee housing, but this is not the parcel for it.  

If CDOT and Vail Resorts’ previous owners forgot who owned it, why screw the bighorns and other wildlife we have seen there over the years. I also recall the elk kill there a few years back that was quite a feed for a band of coyotes over a week or two.  

Ginny’s point about the 1 percent transfer fee being used for this is well taken. By the way, for many years she was a top salesperson for real estate in this valley and contributed more than just about anyone I know to purchase needed land for Vail public uses.  She has more right to say how it should be spent than just about anyone. Buy it for open space with the 1 percent transfer fee. This parcel is one of the first and last parcels that visitors see, and three- or four-story apartment buildings here, in and on the way out of our town, will give people the impression we do not want.

Bob Essin


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