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Letter: Edwards awaits its fate

Tuesday, March 23 will mark a watershed day for the future of Edwards. Its citizens anxiously await word of their fate as the County Commissioners decide yea or nay on Edwards RiverPark, the most controversial, and largest, land use decision to be made in over 50 years.

RiverPark would add 540 homes, 85-foot tall buildings, a hotel, and about 60,000 square feet of commercial space on 21 acres of buildable land and probably 1,200 new residents adjacent to last remaining wildlife corridor from the Lake Creek drainage to the Eagle River at Lake Creek Road and Hwy Six.

The developer has secured a permit for the federal government to take a Bald Eagle nest that is currently on the property. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has commented that it’s likely all wildlife will vanish from the area in 10 years.

Sensitive wetlands will be disrupted to build a 250-seat amphitheater and a boardwalk to nowhere. The development will be 2.5 times the density per buildable acre of Riverwalk. Traffic on Highway 6 will increase by over 2 million cars per year.

Thirteen public meetings have been held since 2019, over 700 pages of written public comment have been made, 1,310 residents have signed a petition opposing this development. At the last public testimony, 25 people commented with 20 opposed and five in favor. Only about 45 people have voiced support and most who have done so have a financial interest. Many supporters have ubmitted cut and paste letters that quite comically parrot each other with exact phrases.

Citizens who volunteered for months to assist writing the Edwards Area Community Plan in 2016 have attested this does not meet the intent of the plan.

I hope the commissioners will choose wisely to honor the clear intent of Edwards Area Community Plan and to honor their election year vows to listen to the people on land-use matters.

We await.

Chris Neuswanger


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