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Letter: Effective boards don’t get lost in the weeds

I very much appreciate and support Chris Romer’s column on the importance of good governance for our local elected boards — and his encouragement to the local community to get educated on candidates and crucially … to vote.

Romer mentioned many fine organizations where elections are coming up. To that list I would add Holy Cross Energy, where our board elections open on May 2 and run until June 2.

As a candidate for reelection in the Holy Cross Northern District I made this comment in the questionnaire responses candidates are asked to complete. Talking of my past experience I said: “One key thing I learned through all of this was the importance of collaboration and working positively with others to get optimal results making best use of differing perspectives. This is especially important for a Board member in my view. At HCE your Board is a team of seven, all with different backgrounds and perspectives. We don’t run your coop, our exceptional CEO and senior staff do that. Rather, we provide oversight and guidance on behalf of members. To be effective we must work with each other in a respectful way being able to agree to disagree at times but stay on mission always. If reelected to the Board I will do my best to continue to support the positive culture I believe we have.”

To Romer’s point, effective boards are strategic not tactical.

They set goals and don’t get lost in the weeds. They focus on the long term plan and budget. I am asking for the vote of Holy Cross members to continue to advance exactly this agenda at our coop. You can learn more at AdamForHolycross.com and, to share your thoughts or questions, please contact me at adam@adamforholycross.com.

Adam Quinton


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