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Letter: Embrace pickleball at Ford Park courts

As a full-time resident of this incredible community, I love all that Vail has to offer: the cultural and educational experiences and recreational possibilities. That being said, I am perplexed as to why the tennis courts at Ford Park continue to be underutilized.

As I watch pickleball swell with both residents and tourists alike, it’s amazing to me that the courts at Ford Park aren’t at the very least multiuse, bringing in more revenue along with the inevitability of the future growth of pickleball as tennis continues to decline. Tennis courts everywhere are being resurfaced and repurposed into pickleball courts due to the ever-increasing demand of the sport.

My hope is for the town of Vail and the recreation district to move forward to meet the demand of pickleball in a timely manner, recognizing the better revenue-producing possibilities while not completely eliminating tennis for those who still favor the sport.

Kathy Palakow Kimmel


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