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Letter: Empathy is the fuel of democracy

These are the words of President Biden. I believe he is fighting for the Soul of America. He does have empathy for the people who have lost loved ones to COVID, to other health challenges, to war, and I fear, in the future, to climate change and global warming. He is truly a caring human being who is trying his best to bring America back from so many horrific challenges the last five years. One of the biggest is to keep America a democracy.

I’m writing, once again, out of sheer frustration of so many people keeping their heads in the sand and staying in denial. The denial of the corruption in our political system that seems to care only about how much power and money the politicians can amass for themselves.There are so many politicians who don’t seem to care that our Capitol building was desecrated and democracy almost lost on Jan. 6 of this year. In fact, they are downplaying the event and continuing the Big Lie of the election being stolen.

It’s going to take a lot more than thoughts and prayers for anything to change. Is it even possible in 2021 for people to develop empathy, and to think of the America of 30 years from now?

Linda Carr


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