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Letter: ‘Employee’ should not be a four-letter word in Vail

As a Vail homeowner who originally came to Vail and lived in the Apollo Park employee housing project, I fully endorse Vail Resorts’ proposal to build a new employee housing project on the parcel of land the company owns located near the Interstate 70 East Vail exit on the North Frontage Road.

I can’t envision a more perfect location for a new housing project, since it is located on an isolated parcel near a bus stop that does not affect views of an existing neighborhood. Misinformation has been circulated that states this parcel of land is the last remaining wildlife corridor. Really? The proposed parcel borders both the two-lane North Frontage Road and four-lane I-70. I highly doubt this is an ideal wildlife corridor. Providing affordable housing in the upper valley for individuals who work in our community should be a high priority for all of us who live in Vail. If you are retired or a second-home owner, thus out of the employment market, please think about all the “employees” you encounter on a daily basis. Imagine how much your quality of life and property values would be negatively affected if there were no employees?

“Employee” is not a four-letter word. Instead, it is a label for our friends and neighbors who live and work alongside the majority of us.

I hope there are many more affordable housing projects built, like Apollo Park and Pitkin Creek Park, that allow individuals, like me 40 years ago, to enter the Vail job market and become future friends and neighbors.

Susie Tjossem

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