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Letter: End the canyon chaos

Well, it took an Eagle County commissioner to get stuck in the chaos of the canyon for it to get noticed. Those who have to fight the canyon daily, their voices were never heard. 

From the damaging potholes, and lack of CDOT employees, not to mention the lack of leadership or care, it’s atrocious. You would hope to expect a road of this importance for the livelihood of so many would be managed better by CDOT and the multiple counties involved.

On Feb. 14, during a no-pass alert posted for CMVs during a snowstorm, I watched not one but two CMVs passing when the no-passing alert was lit up — and the speed limit was posted down to 35 mph!

I do not understand why all of you college-educated morons do not understand that no one obeys the traffic laws in the canyon. No one makes up time in 23 miles.

Make Interstate 70 through the canyon one lane in each direction during a storm. Have pace cars. Jeezo Friday! The quality of truck drivers nowadays is terrible. No offense to those who do it right. My wife’s car got run over at a stop light in Glenwood Springs by a Kroger tractor-trailer in a straight lane! Same day. Feb. 14.

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I’ve heard the excuses. Oh, no money. Oh, no people. Oh, we are overworked. Funny, that is never an option at my job, and I am in public service. Either the state does not care, or they are unwilling to prosecute stupid.

I-70 is close to a fiber-optic line. How many millions does it cost when you cut it? Does anyone think about that? Start charging truck companies at fault the same amount you would charge for a cut fiber … maybe they will get it. Dang! Quit being so soft! It is killing those who live here and need that interstate.

Draw a line. Shut it down to trucks during a storm. Fine 1,000s for a shutdown. Quit being so soft. Those who live here suffer from outsider negligence.

Hey, for a change, take care of those who keep our counties going. and not those who come here just to crap on our way of life and leave on Monday.

Blake Martin   

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