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Letter: Enjoy your next journey, Michael Cacioppo

When our firm held investor conferences in Beaver Creek in the 1980s, Michael was our Captain Video. We had presenters from all over the country, CEOs of big public companies, household names and many business leaders. There were rare problems with video and sound on occasion, but Michael was on it.

It did not matter if the presenter was a little uptight and irritated. Michael disarmed them with his smile and eloquent explanations that had nothing to do about the technical problems. He was Mr. Cool. For over a decade, he was our Tech guy — with a capital T — and it was impossible to have conferences and events without him.

This was the foundation of a forever friendship. I did not go dancing with him, but I listened and enjoyed seeing the fireworks that were Michael every time I saw him in the valley. It was impossible to just say hello and keep on walking with him. It was never a conversation that lasted a short time. I felt like I was in the presence of a Roman senator, similar to Cicero or Cato, which must be his Italian roots. And whatever was said, I could not forget. He had so much to say — and it was magical .

There had been many legends in this valley whose time had come and who had left us. But Michael left too early. I will miss this man. He was enjoyingly special and clever. He was like a comet in the sky that was bright for a short time and then gone.

Thank you for the magical moments, Michael, or M&Ms as we called them.

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Jan E. Helen

Edwards, Denver

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