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Letter: Enough school shootings

There is no simple solution, but there has to be a better solution to ensure the safety of children, faculty, and all adults at public schools, private schools and colleges.

It’s complicated, because who wants schools to have security like prisons or airports?

The shooters are students and outsiders.

There are some common threads. First, the use of assault-style rifles. Second, mental health plays a role. Third, inconsistencies in preparedness/communication between police and educational institutions. That said, I believe college campuses are more complex, because they are, by and large, open campuses.

I agree with those who say we should no longer be saying, “our thoughts and prayers are with you.” We need action. I think we need to protect the rights of gun owners, but we need to address assault-style rifles. I also think more needs to be done to help children and adults who, for a lack of a better description, just don’t seem to fit in or who are knowingly troubled. Some of my teacher friends used the expression FLK or funny little kid. For the most part, we know who these people are, and they need professional help, as most of us are not equipped or informed enough to provide the level of service needed.

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Who is responsible? We all are. We need to “see something, say something.” We need to engage with our lawmakers, and let them know they have responsibilities too. I also think our media outlets — newspapers, radio, TV and social — need to be held accountable for how they report/post information.

Stay tuned — a lack of action now will surely result in more mass shootings.

Sue Froeschle

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