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Letter: Evangelicals … what would Jesus do?

I, myself, am a Christian and I am disgusted and shocked at the evangelicals still believing in Trump — a known liar, racist and sexist. Is it worth it to stand behind a man of this character in order to make abortion illegal? In my thinking, a woman’s health should not be in the hands of the government. 

In fact, religion should not be in politics, period. When will you people get into the 21st Century? The United States of America is not only a country for white Christians — it’s made up of brown and black people and people of all faiths. The only true American is a Native American. We are all immigrants, are we not?

You are standing behind a man who by his very existence is a sinner and a very poor excuse for a man as a husband and father. Does the money you can make and leave to your family mean that much to you, to give up your morals and everything Christianity stands for? 

Since you supposedly believe there is an afterlife, I wonder what you will say when you are face to face with Jesus?  Republicans like John McCain, Barbara Bush, Jeff Flake, and a few others have character and have spoken out against this very evil and sick man in the White House!

 Trump’s policies have put hundreds of people in cages with no beds or even mats to sleep on, ripped babies from their mother’s arms, as young as 3 months old, has forced folks go for a month without bathing or having use of a toothbrush and treating them like animals. 

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We have problems in this country with so many immigrants coming all at once, but this is not the way Christians treat people. You people of faith, think — what would Jesus do?

Linda Carr


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