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Letter: Expel Boebert from Congress

The PBS News Hour on Jan. 11 describes our Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s tweet when our Capitol was under siege last Wednesday: “The Speaker has been removed from the chambers” she tweeted. Advice to the violent mob from someone on the inside?

Last year Boebert pledged to fire Nancy Pelosi just as soon as she got to Washington. She condemned former Congressman Tipton (also a Republican) for having served on Congressional committees alongside evil Democrats when he was in Congress. (She didn’t know that House committees are always bipartisan). Boebert promoted conspiracy theories ala QAnon. Last June she posed for a photo with armed men and tweeted “I am the militia.”

Boebert is not just an embarrassment to us, her constituents. She is dangerous. Days after last Wednesday’s siege at the Capitol, she remains steadfastly loyal to Donald Trump instead of to the Constitution she took an oath to defend. Lauren Boebert needs to be expelled from Congress.

Liz Gauthier


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