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Letter: Fake news hits the Eagle Valley

It is not surprising to read columns like “Short-term rentals, long-term effects.” Today’s world increasingly appears to have fake news and people laying blame that suits them on others and act hypocritically. The article is full of misinformation. With only a few minutes research, anyone can find out that short-term rentals are not banned in the locations (New York City, Las Vegas and Japan) mentioned in the article. 

These locations have regulated the industry with new laws that improve safety for guests, owners and communities while also increasing tax revenues for the respective locations. As for the unruly guests, that is unfortunate. As stated in the article, here in Eagle county we have land-use regulations so the number of people in a dwelling can be controlled. As for the noise, again this can be addressed in homeowner associations or through civil authorities. So the reality is that there are laws currently in place, they simply need to be followed or enforced. 

Why the article implies that short-term rental guests are the cause of these issues seems very odd. Ironically the article ends with more than a hint of hypocrisy. After most of the article focused on the evils of short-term rentals, the last paragraph shares that when the author travels, she uses short-term rentals herself! What?!?  “Do as I say, not as I do,” or maybe it is simply a “not in my backyard” issue.

Yes, short-term rentals need community support and regulations. Please also remember that short-term rentals help support seasonal workers and tourism that in turn support our local communities in both needed labor and tourist revenues and taxes. Please focus on facts and address the real issues for long-term effects. 

Larry Klimczyk


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