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Letter: False notions in defense of false facts

The Rev. Dr. Thistlewaite exploits the story of the Nativity as a political polemic and another attack against the Trump administration. In Soviet Russia, her column would be seen as “agitprop” — political propaganda.

There likely is no historical basis for the implication of her column, that Joseph, Mary and Jesus were refugees seeking to cross borders for which they lacked the legal right, such that their travails are analogous to those who seek, illegally, to enter the United States.

This distortion underlies her belief that the last four years revealed “cruelties toward immigrants.” False notions in defense of false facts.

To top it off, the Reverend Doctor throws in the false allegation that the Trump administration placed immigrant children in cages.

It has been widely reported, and not challenged, that the claim of children in cages is based on photographs of children placed in cages by the Obama administration.

Finally, in keeping with the purpose of her column as a polemic, the Rev. Dr. refers to the “immoral posture of the Trump administration toward immigration.”

There is nothing immoral about enforcing the laws of the United States regarding immigration.

If these laws upset the Rev. Dr., then she and her allies should seek a political solution, which Obama ignored, in favor of his pen.

Gerald Katz


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