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Letter: Farewell, Michael

What to say about Michael Cacioppo? Original. One of a kind. The best dancer and the worst speller in the valley. A bull who carried his own china shop wherever he went. But what his enemies hated the most about him his good friends loved the best — his irascible yet sweet nature, the way he frustrated the haters with a laugh or a sly comment, his loud unshakable defense of the patriotic and Christian values that made this nation great, and the way he never admitted he lost an argument.

We will remember and greatly miss all the fun times, especially the lively conversations and grins over his latest escapades. And dancing. I remember years ago, when Eagle Ranch was just a huge empty chunk of land and the developer floated a multimillion-dollar bond issue to build a school or two that would be student-free for years. Michael, my future ex-husband, and I started a committee to stop the bond issue. We three were the committee. We plotted at his house, raised a mere $3,000 and ran a few ads — one I recall featuring a herd of sheep with the headline: “This is what they think you voters are.”

Even though the developer spent tens of thousands, we only lost by 3 or 4 points. Michael — wielding symbolic shield and sword like the Archangel Michael — was in his element. Now he’s up there with that same Michael, probably vigorously suggesting to Tom Jefferson and Benny Franklin the edits they should have made to the Declaration of Independence. We will miss you greatly, Michael, and especially on your birthday, so appropriately July 4, Independence Day. Farewell and God bless.

Joy Overbeck

Parker, Colorado, and formerly of Eagle County

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