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Letter: FCC’s new ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ plan is really a handout to ISPs

The easiest thing to do after a huge Thanksgiving dinner is to sit back and enjoy the start of the holiday season. But the amount of political chicanery being foisted on us as we digest our meal is astounding, not the least of which is the attempt by the Federal Communications Commission to pass something falsely named “Restoring Internet Freedom.” This may seem boring and mundane, but it will have a huge impact on every person out there trolling the internet.

Presently, ISPs (internet service providers) are an open door where content moves back and forth and we as users can access anything we want with equal ease. Sounds like internet freedom to me, but the FCC and an administration that loves big business over the little guy and undoing anything begun by the previous administration sees it the other way.

What the FCC wants to do is take freedom away from internet users and give it to internet providers. That way, a provider can control what you access, charge you to use specific content and put together packages much like cable where we take or leave what is offered.

ISPs will literally have the power to control content stream, and if you don’t like the service they provide, you pay to have it altered. Regulations keeping internet access equal give small businesses and large corporations an equal chance at being found. “Restoring Internet Freedom” is nothing but a handout to ISPs at the cost of users, and unless you are a provider, you lose!

Catherine Blaser


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