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Letter: Fighting for the soul of our nation

Joe Biden, 46th president of the United States is fighting every day for the soul of America. With the virus spreading, the latest earthquake in Haiti and the Haitians at the Texas border, tornadoes, forest fires, floods and other natural disasters, it is quite amazing that our president keeps it all in perspective. He is also dealing with people trying to destroy Democracy and embracing autocrats.

Too many people are believing the lies that are spewed every day on right-wing media. The misinformation spewed about the vaccine is actually killing people.

Is there an answer to all this insanity or a solution for us to get back to any semblance of common sense and truth? People are mistrusting our own government and the facts that are presented to them. They would rather believe conspiracy theories spread by QAnon that crazies like Lauren Boebert embrace.

It is time to speak up for our democracy. The Republicans are making it harder to vote, with their restrictions they have implemented. If there is ever a time to “make good trouble,” it’s now! God bless Je Biden and his administration.

Linda Carr

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