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Letter: Finally, no more comments

I am a reader of the online version of the Vail Daily and recently noticed a welcome change: no more comments section on articles. If you ever read the comments on any article, especially if it was remotely political, you would notice it was always the same posters on both sides just insulting each other and not really debating or discussing the topic. Many posters also hide behind a fake name so they can hurl insults that they normally would not post if their true identity was known, or more importantly, if these comments were spoken face to face. Therefore, the comments section quickly turned into just insults and commonly showed one of the worst sides of humanity. This race to the bottom is also common with most social media sites, like Twitter, and other comment sections on any website. I also assume the comments section was probably being kept alive by a few posters with multiple handles and not a broad swath of opinions from many individuals throughout the valley. So it is a welcome sight that Vail Daily finally took out the trash and no longer offers a comments section on their articles. Well-played, Vail Daily.

Darren Brennan


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