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Letter: Fire hazard, anyone?

I wonder if the Vail Fire Department or any other relevant authority has approved of Shakedown Bar as a venue for Bravo! Vail After Dark concerts? Sunday night some 200 people crammed into this small, congested underground bar to hear a brass group. It was quite literally standing room only, although as people kept pouring in, organizers began bringing in folding chairs, which really just made it worse.

It was also very warm and airless. But the most serious problem is that there is only one escape route from this hole — up a narrow, steep stairway.  Nightclubs have been the scene of many fire disasters because too many people were inside and couldn’t get out. Bravo! Vail needs to find a safer, bigger venue — and then not oversell the true capacity and not allow unticketed people to come in, as appeared to be happening Sunday.

Monica Perin


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