Letter: Firefighters extraordinaire

After returning home from my 81st birthday celebration in Costa Rica the day before, at 4:30 a.m. on March 10, I lost my balance while going to the bathroom and catapulted head first into the sharp pointed corner of the night stand. It lacerated and nearly severed about 1/3 of my ear and hit my head.

As I am on a blood thinner for AFib, there was blood everywhere. I called 911 and firemen Casey Cooper, Roy Emerick, Jason Hamrick and Josh Nagle were there in minutes. Since I had been away for three weeks, over 2 feet of snow had built up in my driveway and on the steps and porch entrance.

Two of the firemen were quickly attending to me and another asked if I had a shovel so they could clear snow for the ambulance. I said it was in the garage next to the snowblower. He said, “Oh do you mind if we use the snowblower?”

So two of the firemen shoveled and plowed my long driveway and entrance to my home, while the other two tended to my wound and getting me ready for transport. Once the ambulance arrived, paramedics were able to get to my door.

Extraordinary care continued with ambulance paramedics and the ER docs and nurses, and then on to Dr. Casey Strahan, an ENT surgeon, who crafted a work of medical art suturing the nearly severed flap back to original design.

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We are so blessed with the first responders and Medical providers we have here in the Valley.

Chuck Bailey


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