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Letter: First, Butch, do some more research

Just like the president, Butch Mazzuca ignores the facts to make his political argument. This week’s rant is an attack on the New Green Deal and the allegation that the developed world is hurting the developing world by not promoting more fossil fuels for electricity generation.  

Quite simply — and not surprisingly — Butch is wrong and gets it completely backward. The developing world, having relied too much on fossil fuels, suffers from inadequate electricity, with more generation needed, at a lower cost, and with fewer pollutive impacts. Renewable energy is increasingly the best solution and continues to be a top objective for development agencies. I spent my career at the World Bank and in retirement continue to review renewable energy projects.
Renewable energy offers three primary benefits: 1) it is often among the lowest (if not the lowest) cost energy for the country;  2) generation plants can be closer to communities that lack electricity and 3) the new plants can often lead to decommissioning of older, higher cost and highly pollutive thermal plants.   

Two examples: Senegal awarded a private sector, solar-powered concession, which will sell electricity to the state electricity distributor at a cost of 4.5 cents/kWh. Currently, the country relies primarily on heavy fuel oil power plants at an average cost of over 22 cents. In India, a private-sector concession is providing electricity at under 3 cents/kWh. Both projects expect to be profitable and generate a good return for investors.  These projects are not exceptions but becoming the norm.

Butch, a suggestion: Instead of writing biweekly articles, you should cut back and do more research. It would educate — not mislead — your readers and you might learn something as well.

Kent Lupberger


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