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Letter: Fish kill is not forgotten

The fish kill in Mill and Gore creeks related to snowmaking operations on Vail Mountain reported on Sept. 20 is still under investigation by state agencies, and these agencies will release their reports in the coming weeks.

Conclusive evidence from the reports will allow Eagle River Watershed Council and other entities to take the next steps. Reparations will need to be made for the errors that resulted in this spill and the damage to the fishery, but perhaps more importantly, systems and processes need to be utilized to prevent impacts to our waterways and damage to our fisheries.

Also, several people in the community “saw something funny” in the creek over the weekend that the spill occurred. Please, if you see or smell something that seems amiss in our watershed, report it: Call the 24-hour Colorado Emergency and Incident Reporting Line at 1-877-518-5608. You can also take a picture and send it to our staff at Eagle River Watershed Council. Protecting the waterways in this valley should be a priority of every single resident, landowner, business and municipality.

Eagle River Watershed Council remains vigilant as more information becomes available about this event. We encourage everyone in our community to stay engaged and informed on this and many other issues that affect our watershed.

Holly Loff

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Executive director, Eagle River Watershed Council

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