Letter: Fix the dead cell zone

Many of us frequently travel Interstate 70 as we move through our valley. 

And in the Wolcott area, there is a dreaded dead cell zone. Until now, it was an inconvenience for us that has continued far too long in this era of connectedness. 

Today it became an emergency safety issue. We struck a road hazard and suddenly had a rear tire devastating blowout as we rounded the turn a mile or two before the Wolcott westbound exit. We could not have been in a more hazardous spot. 

911 through SOS calling was a much-delayed saving grace, but no one was happy as we shared there was no way to contact us for emergency and follow-up response.  

A harrowing hour followed — in daylight on dry roads  — as cars and 18-wheelers rounded the corner and headed toward our vehicle. Absolutely frightening had it been dark or slick roads. We were lucky to avoid a tragic ending. 

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We should and can no longer tolerate a lack of cell service anywhere through our valley on I-70. 

Fix it Verizon, and any other carriers or entities that need to come together to solve this! Please.

Also, thanks so much to the CDOT two-person crew that came upon us and saved us.

Jeff and Laura Malehorn

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