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Letter: For our kids, vote yes on 1A

Battle Mountain High School PTSA endorses ballot issue IA. Issue 1A will help Eagle County address the epidemic we are facing with vaping and tobacco use in our community. We believe that raising the cost of access to these products (through significantly taxing the sale of e-cigarette products and cigarettes) will drastically reduce their utilization. We know that these products are used heavily by youth in our community and we join together with local organizations, individuals and agencies to help reduce usage. 

Local statistics are staggering: 60% of our local middle and high school students have tried vaping; nearly 40% say they have used vaping products within the past 30 days. Around the country, people are dying from using these devices that deliver high-nicotine vapor and toxins. Colorado has the highest vaping rate in the nation. Vaping is the product of choice by local teenagers in our community. 

We strongly support 1A to protect our youth and we encourage you to join us in voting yes on 1A .

Battle Mountain High School PTSA Board of Directors: Dana Maurer, Tessa Kirchner, Kimberly Brewster, Shannon Mills, Robin Litt 

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