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Letter: Forest Service is bungling Berlaimont

In my 27-year residence in our valley, my proudest contribution was working with hundreds of citizens to stop the Adam’s Rib ski area development up Brush Creek in Eagle. One very key aspect of that 30-year grassroots effort was pressuring the U.S. Forest Service to put the horrendous impacts of an irrational development above the special economic interests of the developer. This took great courage. It demanded a willingness for both the District Ranger and the Forest Supervisor to speak truth to those in power. 

Ultimately, the bravery on the part of the Forest Service heroes, along with citizens’ tenacity and commitment, saved the Brush Creek Valley from becoming another massive ski town on I-70.

I implore the current White River Forest Supervisor, Scott Fitzwilliams, to find the courage to speak truth to power regarding the Berlaimont development. Please take the many objections you are receiving and make your decision the no-action alternative. Do not sacrifice what’s left of what was once the proud home of the second largest deer migration corridor in Colorado. Instead, be a champion to the deer and elk herds that stand on the thin edge of total demise, and whose fate depends on the critical winter habitat where Berlaimont developers want a paved access road so they can build 19 estates on an inholding deep within the Forest boundaries.

Our community does not deserve to be a sacrifice zone for ou-of-control developers. Enough is enough.

What side of history will you fall on, Mr. Fitzwilliams? The side of courage and honor or the side responsible for critical wildlife decline?  I hope you choose the honorable path, for the sake of the natural resources you once pledged to serve. 

Annie Egan


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