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Letter: Foundations of Sustainability

Education and systems thinking are critical when thinking about our personal and society consumption impact on sustainability. Education is a key starting point for systems thinking regarding the three pillars of sustainability: economics, social, environmental. The field of sustainability has been emerging the past five or so decades in our society here within the United States and a few other countries.

The Colorado Mountain College course titled “Foundations of Sustainability – SUS-300” regarding the field of sustainability is an education bargain, economically. This course provides guided learning. I was introduced to and read portions of books published, listened to TED talks, and visited websites by thought leaders in the field of sustainability. Socially, I became connected during class discussions in a moment of time to others with similar interest in the field of sustainability. Each person with a different life story is likely a group of people that I would not have interacted with otherwise. As a result, the environmental pillar has become a factor in my decision making, though is a difficult and elusive contributor.

For a tangible view in society during the past five years or so, some businesses that serve our consumption habits are now publishing progress reports. These reports regard their accomplishments and goals for sustainability in the coming years and decade. The “Foundations of Sustainability – SUS-300” course has significantly advanced my understanding and provides a basis for action and speaking a more informed way with coworkers, friends, family, and especially across generations. May the generations to come look back on the current generations as having made a favorable impact on sustainability.

John Thorse


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