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Letter: Fourth stimulus needed

President Joe Biden has been obsessed with this $2 trillion American Jobs Plan, commonly known as the infrastructure plan, since he returned from the G7 Summit in Europe. Many Republicans have balked at the big price tag.

Last week, President Biden negotiated a bipartisan jobs plan at a lesser price tag of $2.1 trillion which is spread over eight years. Then, moments later, President Biden pulled the rug from his own bipartisan deal by announcing that he would not sign this legislation unless he also got the bigger package. Republicans became irate. Press Secretary Jen Psaki and other administration staff had to engage in major damage control from that Biden announcement. It appears that President Biden is not on the same page with Democrats in his own party.

By the weekend, Biden’s staff was able to patch things with the Republicans, maybe. Progressive Democrats including Senator Bernie Sanders want a bigger spending package as high as $6 trillion which would include climate change programs and green jobs. There is no language in the American Jobs Plan that guarantees American workers $15 or $20 an hour minimum wage. Keep in mind that the American Jobs Plan and the bipartisan deal are not officially drafted bills, yet. Washington, D. C. insiders reveal that these plans will be discussed more and most likely delayed way into the fall. These job plans may never happen.

Therefore, there are actually no new jobs in sight. There is no real economic recovery for the American people in the near future. Therefore, Americans need a fourth stimulus check or survival check immediately. American workers and their families will need $2,000 survival checks per month or at least every fiscal quarter well into next year. The Democrats and Republicans in Congress may never do anything to benefit the American people the rest of this year. It is a safe bet that these two major parties will fail the American people, again. Survival checks need to be the highest priority right now.

Randy Fricke

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