Letter: Free! Free! Free!

It wasn’t too many years ago that I read the article about the resort starting to charge for parking at Beaver Creek in the lower lots. I remember shortly after that article in the Daily that the town of Avon was happy to step up to the plate and provide free parking for locals and visitors to access the mountain.

I believe if the town wants to charge for parking, it should build a parking garage. If not, then let people park in town for free. The town actually has a lot of parking if you look at the Avon parking map. At least from what I remember years ago, they have parking at Traer Creek and Chapel Square on top of the spaces on the roadway. 

Let’s keep our towns small, friendly, and welcoming

Please email the Avon Town Council at and encourage them not to start charging for parking. We can do better! 

Joe Shankland

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