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Letter: Free parking change a business killer for Vail

I couldn’t agree more with Al Carson’s recent letter regarding the change in free parking by the town of Vail for the parking structures. An example: My wife and I were going to drive into Vail yesterday and have lunch at La Cantina in the village parking structure. Best pork burrito on the face of the earth! Plus always fun to have a marg on tap! But we didn’t ….so having lunch, maybe going to a couple of stores, grabbing some t-shirts as Christmas gifts, we didn’t think we could get it done in under an hour. We know two hours works perfectly because we have done it several times in past years. So the net result is La Cantina lost out on the lunch revenue, a couple of t-shirt shops lost some revenue and the town of Vail lost out on the taxes.

I know private business believes you can always do more business so they would have wanted the sales. But the town of Vail must believe there is no need for more tax revenue … they’d rather make it on parking fees? Proof that government has no idea how business works.

Bob Ostertag

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