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Letter: Gardner doesn’t deserve another term

During Cory Gardner’s term in the U.S. Senate, I have contacted his office dozens and dozens of times requesting an Eagle County town hall. Alas, Gardner refuses. How disappointing it is that Gardner ignores everyday citizens like you and me, yet attends Eagle County GOP campaign events and meetings with friendly conservatives as he did last week in Beaver Creek. 

I’d like to ask my senator why he remains silent as the president praises murderous dictators and gun-toting White nationalists while denigrating Gold Star families, our NATO allies, America’s national intelligence agencies, scientific expertise, and the First Amendment. I’d like to ask Gardner to publicly support the very popular CORE Act, common-sense gun laws, climate science, the EPA, DACA recipients, and expanded access to the Affordable Care Act. 

I’d ask him to insist that his ally Mitch McConnell finally begin Senate debate of the hundreds of bills passed by the House of Representatives. I’d ask him to publicly condemn the president’s dangerous campaign to undermine our elections and to suppress voter turnout. 

Why isn’t Gardner loudly championing the proven integrity, security, and popularity of Colorado’s vote-by-mail elections? It is painfully clear that Gardner has no intention of listening to or actually serving the citizens of Colorado. He answers only to Trump, McConnell, and his own political ambitions. Please cast your vote for John Hickenlooper to serve as Colorado’s next U.S. senator.

Susan Wilke Gruber


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