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Letter: Gardner doesn’t deserve your vote

Cory Gardner is asking the people of Colorado to re-elect him. He can’t be serious. He doesn’t represent the people of Colorado, he represents Donald Trump, voting with him nearly 90% of the time

Where is Cory Gardner in regards to support for the unemployed, funding for COVID-19 relief, PPE for our first responders, and funding for the U.S. Postal Service? The USPS is a branch of government found in the Constitution — it is not a for-profit business! Those of us in rural Colorado depend on the dedicated men and women of the USPS for our medication, Social Security, veterans and disability checks. Because of the pandemic and the rural nature of our homes, we have to shop online and depend on the USPS for delivery.  Where is Cory Gardner’s outrage toward the president for holding our Postal Service hostage! 

Colorado has set a national example with regards to mail-in voting. Gardner’s silence is allowing the president to prevent people from their right to vote. I could go on. I haven’t even touched on the environment and health care, a whole other letter. Cory Gardner does not deserve our vote, he does not represent us.

Stephen Gordon


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