Letter: Gardner doesn’t have Colorado’s best interests in mind

We are having a little trouble swallowing the letter stating, “Cory Gardner has Colorado’s best interests in mind” — written by a far-right Republican operative who does not represent Colorado as a whole. 

He’s right that Gardner did vote to cut taxes; however, only the top income earners and wealthiest really benefit. Middle Americans’ taxes were not significantly reduced, and this tax cut has significantly increased our national debt. It seems to us that this change in taxes is like getting a loan to take the Kardashians out to lunch. That is our money being spent poorly with nothing to show for it. The tax change is also a primary factor in a 17% increase in the deficit in one year. If you ran a business like that, what would happen? Oh wait, we know: it would just be another Trump bankruptcy.

The country as a whole is concerned about affordable health care, but Gardner has voted several times to repeal Obamacare without a replacement — taking health care protections away from millions. Gardner only cares about letting Big Pharma and national insurance companies continue to make record profits. We are aware of a person was released from a Colorado hospital after painful surgery not because she was ready, according to her doctor, but because the insurance company told the hospital to release her. We want a senator who will stand up to the insurance lobby — not someone who’s owned by them like Gardner.

If anyone is not aware that there are significant climate changes going on then we must ask, do you ever go outside? In Colorado, even short-term residents realize we are in a fragile ecological area that can easily be damaged. Trash doesn’t rot in this environment like it does in humid climates. We have thermal inversions that make our air less clean and clear. This is one of the most important challenges of the future, and we are losing. According to the EPA, we experience 15% more days with unhealthy air than we did between 2013 and 2016. And what’s Gardner doing to fight the climate crisis? Absolutely nothing. 

We can no longer listen to campaign bluster; we must now think and research multiple sources. Yes, it is more difficult to know the truth nowadays, but it’s also more important. And if you look at Sen. Gardner’s record, the truth is that he doesn’t vote with Colorado’s best interests in mind.

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Pat Hammon, Eagle
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