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Letter: Gardner has Colorado’s best interests in mind

We send senators to Washington to stand up for the best interests of our state and our country. By that measure, Sen. Cory Gardner has had an enormously successful first term. At a time when partisan gridlock dominates our politics, Gardner has delivered for Colorado. 

He voted to cut taxes for 80% of middle-class Americans, which has undeniably helped boost our economy. He sponsored legislation to bring sorely needed accountability to the VA. He also helped to pass pieces of legislation that secured millions of dollars for major road projects in Colorado, improved rural broadband, and funded a grant program for school safety. On top of all of that, he has received numerous awards for his leadership on public lands.

These are things that have a real impact on people’s everyday lives. So, it’s no surprise that Gardner is rated as the most “effective” member of Colorado’s congressional delegation by the Center for Effective Lawmaking. 

Even on the state government level, Gardner stands up for the best interests of Colorado. He publicly opposed the ill-conceived National Popular Vote bill, which will hand our electoral votes over to coastal states that have more people. And he spoke out against the extreme oil and gas regulations that will hurt our state’s economy. This is the kind of leadership that our state deserves. 

There are already close to a dozen Democrats lining up to challenge Gardner next year. While socialism might appeal to their base, a vast majority of Coloradans want no part of it. They don’t want to lose their private health insurance, they don’t want a “Green New Deal,” and they don’t want domestic terrorists voting from prison. As the partisan rhetoric heats up, just remember that Cory Gardner will continue to be hard at work, delivering results for Colorado. 

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Michael Fields

Colorado Rising Action Executive Director

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